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01 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Can you believe it is 2013? It seems a bit strange to me, but I have yet to actually write the date. What type of resolutions have you set for this new year? Each year, I go through the motions of setting resolutions and while I follow some longer than I do others ... well, you know how that goes. Last year, I was blessed to become part of a group on Facebook that read through the Bible. Did I complete the year's worth of readings? No, I didn't. I followed the group progress, however, and stayed in touch with a few members of the group throughout the year. I am disappointed in myself with failing to complete the reading along with the group, but today begins a new year.

My husband and I discussed plans for this new year this morning. What are we going to do? Will we do anything differently than we have in the past? What changes do we want to make? As in years past, I am determined to eat healthier. Do I want to lose weight? Of course I do. Am I making weight loss my goal? Not particularly. This year, I want to focus more on putting healthier food into my body, and learning portion control. I don't plan to focus as much on the numbers, but instead to focus on the process. In keeping with that train of thought, this morning on my trip to Walmart I tried to choose snack items wisely. Knowing that I am by nature a snacker, I portioned the snacks on my return home. Instead of grabbing the box of Cheezits, I can now grab a bag that holds a single serving. It will not be easy, nor will I always be successful. My intention today? To take it one day at a time. Every day, I will make a concentrated effort to eat healthier. I don't know how it will work, but if I try, I will at least know what needs improvement.

I told Rob that I planned to read through the Bible this year, and asked him if he wanted to read with me. To my surprise, he said yes! I asked him where he wanted to start, and he said "At the beginning! Genesis!" Both of us puttered around a bit more, then he stated that he was going to bed. I looked at him and said "We didn't read yet." I then asked him if he wanted to read aloud. He agreed, and we read the first two chapters of Genesis. 

There is more to Genesis, however, than just words on a page. The first two chapters of Genesis deal with creation. Talk about an area of controversy for some! I believe in creation. I believe that God made the heavens and the earth, and all the living creatures - man included. I believe that God made apes and God made man and that we did not develop from the apes. There are many who disagree, and I respect their right to do so. 

Our reading this morning generated a discussion that lasted three times as long as the reading itself. And that, I believe, is what a good reading is all about. 

Almighty God, we cherish you and trust in you to provide. Work within us to give us strength, and to draw us even closer. May we live each day as you would have us do, and may we remember that we are your creation.

"This is the account of the heavens and the earth when they were created, when the Lord God made the earth and the heavens." ~ Genesis 2:4 NIV