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14 August 2009


There is much controversy surrounding the proposed government healthcare plan, and there are as many opinions on it as there are individuals who wish to talk about it. This is not related to that healthcare, although I cannot be dishonest and tell you that I agree with it because I do not. I believe it is in the best interests of all of us for the government to stay out of it. That, however, is my opinion.

When someone says 'healthcare,' what comes to mind? Other than the aforementioned controversial proposal winding its way through our elected guardians, I can safely venture a guess and say that many of us would think our own personal well being and how we take steps (or not) to maintain that state. Currently, we have a plan at work known as Wellness Works. It is optional for those who participate in the insurance plan, but has many benefits. One such benefit is coaching. If you agree to participate, you work with a wellness coach to make changes to your life that will affect your health in a positive manner (i.e.. lose weight, quit smoking). This benefit affords you a lower insurance premium. If, however, your coaching has not resulted in the positive change of your choice (you lost a certain number of pounds), your insurance premium will go up for a year while you work on it once more. My choice? To lose weight.

Most of you know me, and you know that I love food. Not like food ... LOVE food. The amount of weight that I was required to lose on this program was minimal, and I have had a year to lose it. Have I lost the required weight? No. Why? I wish I had a simple answer. Earlier in the year, I participated in the Weight Watchers program with some success. I lost 18 pounds! That would have more than met my goal for Wellness Works for the year ... had I maintained that loss. Now, I have to take off that weight (again!), and probably more, by November 3 to keep my lower insurance premium. If I do not meet my goal (did I mention the goal was of my own choosing??), the premium goes up.

Look inward. What is the state of your spiritual health? Are there positive changes that could be made? You have a ready made wellness coach (Jesus), who is always at the head of the class, yet by your side every single step of the way. He has words of encouragement, signs of progress, and bountiful harvests with which to reward you. Why is it so difficult to turn yourself over to His loving care?

The most difficult part of my own spiritual healthcare plan is time. You may not have that issue. It is not having time available, it is making time available. The minutes I spend writing this devotion are dedicated to Him, for I ask His guidance to make the words flow in such a way that they will touch those who receive them. Do I make time for Him during my day otherwise? I am honest enough to say not always, and not nearly enough. God deserves more than the "Lord help me" we all throw heavenward. When you sit down to read, what are you reading? I understand that there are work or school related things that you must read. Funnily enough, God understands that as well. I sat on my couch earlier today and finished reading a novel. I could have easily taken at least a part of that same time and read my bible. I have not yet done so today.

Who suffers? I do. By not making time to improve my spiritual health, I believe that I run the risk of putting my physical health in jeopardy. When I am at peace, my physical self reflects that. When I am stressed, my physical self reflects that agitated state. I owe it to myself to place the same importance on my spiritual health as I do on my physical health. This is my challenge: Look at your spiritual health. Is it where you want it to be? If not, work with your personal wellness coach. Jesus will clearly outline your path, and guide you every step of the way. Here's to better health - physical, mental, spiritual - for all of us.

Jesus, I need your help and guidance. Thank you for giving me the words to write and the ideas to flow. Please continue to lay your hand upon me in this ministry. Please help me, and help my friends, that we encourage one another to grow in You.

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."~~Psalm 119:105 KJV

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