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05 January 2010

It Worked!

Today, I received several copies of an email titled "It Worked!" If I only sent it to 12 of my friends and family, I would be rich in 2 days! If I delete the email, I'll beg. I smile every time I receive this email, because it's nothing new. I have received this particular message too many times to count over the years that I've had email, and I have yet to receive a windfall of any kind.

Think about the tag line used as the header for this particular email: "It Worked!" How many products have used this in the past, and with what success rate? Curious, I set out to see what I could learn about attention-getting headlines. When I typed in the phrase "it worked!" into Google, I received nearly 50 million hits in less than a second. Scanning the links that ranged from Australian sunscreen usage to designated drivers, I was amazed at the results. Typing in other phrases such as "new and improved!" (56 million hits) and "try it!" (47.5 million hits) gave large numbers as well. What do you do when you find something that works for you? As a general rule, we tell others. We want to share our happiness/success/discovery!

Nearly 37 years ago, I accepted Jesus as my savior. Those years have seen peaks and valleys of professing my faith, with nearly as many valleys as there have been peaks. Has Jesus been inconsistent during this time? Of course not! I should have been shouting from the rooftops, telling everyone that I come into contact with, taking out full page ads in the paper ... or should I? Where does it say that I must be the most attention-grabbing believer? Nowhere. My granddaddy was not a teacher, nor was he a preacher, not even one to be overly talkative at times. He lived his faith. He believed that he was a child of God, and believed that God would provide. We are all different when it comes to expressions of faith. My outlet is writing, yours may be singing, and someone else's may be preaching the word. What works for me might not work for you.

The biggest decision we ever make in our life is not whether or not to buy that car/house, or to date/marry someone, but is the only decision that has ETERNAL consequences. If I turn away and deny my God in this life, I can be certain that when I stand before him he will deny me. If, on the other hand, I turn my life over to God and follow his will, believing in his saving grace, he will say to me "welcome home, child" when I stand before him. Can you say the same?

Turning my life over to God was one of the easiest decisions I ever made. I was nine years old at the time. Rededicating my life was a conscious commitment that I made just a couple of years ago. God hadn't given up on me, but I had put him on the back burner. I am truly grateful that he had not done the same with me. What worked for me? God. He did, He still does, and He always will. (How's that for a tag line?)

God, I ask your hands to lie upon me and guide me through all the days of my life. Teach me the words that will let me share your amazing power and glory.

"Teach me knowledge and good judgement, for I believe in your commands." ~Psalm 119-:66 NIV

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  1. Hey Denise!Thanks for stopping by my site! I see you love to write for the same reason I do. Theres nothing better than expressing our feelings and thoughts through writing.I love the indepth yet simplistic way you write.Makes me want the devotion to continue! and you are right, Jesus works. He is the one sure thing in our lives and will never leave us . I look forward to reading all that you write, thanks for allowing me to be a little part of your world and a sister in God.