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17 March 2009

I Forgot to Pray

Remember yesterday's devotion? There is a statement in there about 2/3 of the way through that said "I NEVER take a test without praying for guidance ... " When I wrote it, I thought it was questionable and wondered about changing the wording by eliminating the use of the word NEVER, but compounded that mistake by leaving it in. One of the important test-taking skills we learned early on was to look for those absolute words (like NEVER) when eliminating incorrect answers. My second mistake? Not listening to that voice that said ... "you might want to change that." (written 16 Oct 2008)

Make no mistake. I am placing the blame for my dismal test performance this morning nowhere but squarely where it belongs ... on myself. I didn't properly prepare for this exam. I studied less than I should have, did not thoroughly read the chapters, and misread several of the questions. The end result? Failure. What happened? I know one thing ... I forgot to pray.

Do I believe that prayer can cause miracles? Of course I do. I believe that faith can work miracles. I also believe that it takes a lot of hard work as well. I don't know who coined the phrase that "the Lord helps those who help themselves" but I believe it. He is not going to give me something that I have not earned. If I work my hardest, pray for his guidance, listen and believe ... He will work with me to achieve what He has planned for me.

Prayer before a test will not make me pass if I did not prepare properly ... but failure to pray before a test can alter my frame of mind. Did I go into this test without the peace that usually accompanies a prayer? I did. I took a second test today as well ... and am anxiously awaiting the results of that exam. Did I pray before I took the test? I did. Do I believe I passed the exam? I do. Stay tuned ...

As far as this morning's performance, it lowered my average in the class, but I am still well above passing. Can I recover from this? I can. Will I? I WILL!!

Jesus, thank you for humbling me and making me remember that without you, I can do nothing.

"By day the LORD directs his love, at night his song is with me—a prayer to the God of my life."~Psalm 42:8 NIV

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