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17 March 2009

Simply the Best

There are many qualifications that could be looked at to label something "best." There are even stores that call themselves "Best" (as in 'Best Buy'). What does it mean to be the best? Dictionary.com defines best as "of the highest quality, excellence, or standing." What is a "best" in your life? (written 22 Oct 2008)

Do you have a "best" friend? Your best friend may be of the same sex, or of the opposite sex. Your best friend may be the same age, of the same background, and someone you've known most (if not all) of your life. Or not. Does it truly matter? How we each define "best" has much to do with both the environment in which we were raised, and the standards to which we have determined to hold ourselves. My "best" may not be the same as my siblings, or may be eerily similar, whether or not we've ever discussed the matter.

When I think of personal "bests" in my life, the first thing that comes to mind is my three children. As most of you know, I have two daughters (my oldest and my youngest), and one son. Are they perfect children, or rather, perfect young adults and teens? No, they're not. But I consider them the best three things I have ever had a part in creating. I am not a perfect mother, I don't have all the answers. Although they may have doubted it at the time, I didn't expect perfection from them either. What were my expectations as a parent? Simply that they do the best that they were capable of. They are three separate and distinct individuals that have personalities that are markedly different, yet they share many of the same traits. Each child has his or her own personal "best."

As a parent, I know that there have been times when my children probably thought I'd lost my mind. They may still harbor that sneaking suspicion! We have not discussed it in great depth, but I am relatively certain from my wisdom as Nana that my oldest daughter is learning just how incredibly difficult and unbelievably rewarding it is to be a parent. You want the best of everything for your child, you will do whatever you have the ability to do to make sure that it is possible. What is the "best?"

I think one of the best gifts that I received as a child was the church and coming to know Jesus. As a parent, I failed in that respect. Because my children's father and myself held differing religious views, we opted to let our children choose ... without giving them a background in both. All three of my children have attended different religious services with friends, none of the three profess a belief. In this, I did not achieve a best.

My best today? Choosing to rededicate my life to Jesus. Choosing to let Him guide me in the path that I should take. Jesus, thank you for being my best. Help me to live every day so that others can see that in me.

"This is what the LORD says—your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: "I am the LORD your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go. "~Isaiah 48:17 NIV

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