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17 March 2009

Thank You for Today

Every morning that I wake up, I should give thanks for my blessings. I don't. The first thing that goes through my mind is not "Lord, thank you for giving me one more day, one more chance," but usually something along the lines of "Oh lord, is it time to get up already?" (written 23 Oct 2008)

Walking down the hall heading to class this morning (my second class, not the first one that I overslept and missed), my eye was drawn to a sheet of white paper pinned to the bulletin board. No fancy graphics, just simple black print. Slowing down to skim its contents, I then came to a complete stop and turned to face the board as if to better comprehend what I had just read. A few simple lines seared into my brain, informing me that a classmate's mother had just two days ago lost everything in a house fire. The thoughts of "oh no, how horrible" were immediately followed by "Thank you Lord, for giving me the roof over my head." How often we take things for granted until they are no longer there!

This piece of information, and a brief conversation with my classmate, put my day in clear perspective. The stressors of this afternoon's test fade alongside the reality that life is truly a gift we are given. While we work hard (most of us, anyway) for what we have, we must never lose sight of the reality that it is only through God that all things are possible. Before I complain about what I do not (and may never) have, I must instead be thankful for what I have.

Tired of the car you drive, house you live in, clothes you wear, job you have? At least you have transportation, a roof over your head, clothes and a job. I am not saying in any way to "settle," because I believe that hard work and faith will take you far beyond what you might imagine. Contrary to the mindset of some in America today who believe that the government owes them food, money, healthcare and housing (that's a soapbox I do not need to climb on), re-read the preceding sentence. Did you see the words "hard work"? Don't think that I am slamming on someone who does not hold a job outside the home. The mother or father who stays at home and takes care of children? That's work. You may not receive a paycheck, and you may even be able to spend half the day at your most casual ... but only those who have never had an infant or small child would call a stay at home parent "nonworking." I refer instead to those who think it is their God-given right to receive something for nothing. Who pays for that? Regardless of what that monthly benefit may signify, someone is footing the bill. Have you taken the time to assess?

Track 6 of Cricket Lee's CD "Just Stand" is a song called "I Trust the Hands" (I hope the title is right, the CD is in the car!). The opening verse is a powerful statement, and one that I try to model.

Ask me how I'm doing
I'll tell you I'm living life abundantly
That doesn't mean that I'm
Living a life that's problem-free
Just means that I keep my eyes
Upon the prize
And when fear and doubt assail

I trust the hands that never fail
Even when I'm tested
I trust the hands
scarred by nails
To keep what I've invested
Hope doesn't disappoint, Love never fails
I trust the hands scarred by nails

Simple, but true. I trust, even when I may have questions. I trust, even when I am afraid. Because my Lord has never not been there. Even in those times that I may have not seen clearly, He has always been there for me. And yes, this is an instance when I can use the word always.

Lord, thank you for the beautiful abundance of today. With your guidance and through you I can achieve my goals. Help me to not lose sight of the blessings of each day, and to bless as I have been so bountifully blessed.

"Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance."~Jude 1:2 NIV

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