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31 January 2009

Building Walls

This weekend was a strange journey for me. Without going into nauseating detail, we'll just say that there has been some emotional upheaval in the past few days that has left me shaken and unsure. A story comes to mind, hopefully I can do it justice. (written 14 Jan 2008)

There is a quiet little girl in the classroom. Even though she appears to have many friends, she seems alone. She participates in activities, laughs and runs around at recess, walks from the building in a giggling group of girls, then the smile fades and she walks home alone. On the way home, the bright and beautiful storefront of the candy shop is almost magnetic. She slows down, gazing longingly at the colorful array of sweets. Her steps are almost imperceptible as she drinks in the rainbow vision. She never goes inside, telling herself that it's not the place for her. As she leaves the storefront, her steps are slightly slower than before. Each day, her route home is the same. She never enters the store, just looks at the array and dreams. One day she decides that she will go inside to experience her favorite place. Her steps are quick, a smile flits across her face. When she reaches the storefront, she stops in disbelief. The windows are empty and dark! A big "CLOSED" sign is posted. Silent tears roll down her cheeks as her disheartened feet take her home. The next day finds her seat in class empty.

Have you ever felt that yearning? Focusing on something you want to the point that its loss can make you physically ill should be a wake up call. There will be storms in life, the candy store will close. God alone is the unchanging constant that we can depend on. Trust in Him to bring you through.

God, thank you for being my rock of ages. Your strength supports my weakness, making me strong in you. I trust that you know what is right for me at all times.

"My soul is in anguish. How long, O LORD, how long? Turn, O LORD, and deliver me; save me because of your unfailing love."~Psalm 6:3-4 NIV

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