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19 January 2009

What's YOUR Ringtone?

Think back to the first cell phone you owned. I remember mine, and the reason I carried it! There were a few preprogrammed tones in that Nokia, not much else. What (if any) do you carry today? (written 27 Aug 07)

In 1998, we had just moved to Watertown, New York (home of Fort Drum). All three kids were in school, and in three different schools to boot. I was going back to school, and we decided that I needed a cell phone to give the schools a way to contact me at any time, rather than trying to go through the campus switchboard in case of an emergency. That cell phone quickly became almost a toy in some ways ... playing with the ring tones (only the preprogrammed ones were available at that time), trying to set it up. Fast forward almost 10 years, and today I still carry a cell phone. Differences? Today's phone has a camera, can play music and games. I don't have one of the fancier models, simply because I don't use it for much more than a phone book, and of course, a phone. The ringtones (and yes, I admit, the ringback tones) are a favorite of mine. Different people have different ringtones assigned, so I know who's calling without even looking at the phone. That feature comes in handy at times! When you call me, instead of hearing the ringing, you hear music. I currently have it set up on jukebox mode so you usually get a different song each time you call.

What ringtone would you assign your life? Music is, and always has been, a favorite escape of mine. Much as a book can take me to a place I might never otherwise visit, music brings back fond (and some not so fond) memories. Nearly every memory I have of spending time at my grandparents house has music entwined with it. Sissy played, we all sang. All eight of the kids (mama and siblings) sang. My granddaddy would sing as he drove the tractor, grandmother would sing while rocking on the front porch. The majority of the music I heard there was gospel. Not the praise and worship music that is very popular today, but traditional hymns. I have a very clear memory of Aunt Mary in the kitchen at home (home in this case being grandmother and granddaddy's house), singing "In My Father's House Are Many Mansions". One of my grandmother's favorite songs was "I Cannot Find the Way Alone." How appropriate is that to my life today? Very. Those words, penned by Albert E. Brumley (better known for writing "I'll Fly Away") are so true.

As I journey thru this vale of sorrow,
the way seems so strange and unknown,
Lord, I need a helping hand to borrow,
for I cannot find the way alone.
I cannot find the way without thee,
Dear Lord, look down from thy throne.
And make Thy light to shine about me,
for I cannot find the way alone.

I cannot find the way, the correct path that I need to take, without my God to lead me. Without His helping hand, the way will be strange and unknown, and fraught with perils. These perils I need not fear as long as He is with me. What a revelation! The bible says that through Christ all things are possible, and I firmly believe that. He gives us the tools we need, sometimes we just need a helping hand. We need faith. God will not leave us alone, unless we reject his never-ending love. Assign the love of God as your ringtone, and let it play through your heart and life. It will truly be "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, sweetest name I know." Let Him keep you singing (and ringing!).

"For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you." ~Isaiah 41:13 NIV

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