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19 January 2009

Climbing That Mountain

"You see that mountain over there? Yeah, one of these days I'm gonna climb that mountain.." ~"Mountain Music", Randy Owen (Alabama) (written 7 Sep 07)

Moving to Colorado from Alabama was quite a geographical change. Living in lower Alabama did not quite prepare me for the majesty of the Rockies. My first view of the Rocky Mountain Range was a shock ... it was June, and there was still snow on the peaks! Our new home was in Rifle, on Colorado's western slope. Sitting at over 5,000 feet, we were surrounded by stunning scenery. After getting settled, we began to explore. As a family, we took long drives, made some mountain hikes, and had quite a few photo opportunities. One distinctive climb came in the spring of 1982. I probably couldn't find it again, but Hanging Lake, about a mile up a mountain trail somewhere between Rifle and Glenwood Springs offered incredible beauty, virtually untouched. The water was almost like glass! Colorado's splendor ignited a love of the mountains in me that still burns today.

Have you hiked a hill or mountain? I don't by any stretch of the imagination consider myself a mountain climber, but a nice hike can be an exercise for both the body and soul. The mountains we climb may not all be physical in nature. Think of hills you've climbed in your past (high school to graduation, college to a degree, marriage and/or family life, job changes) ... and mountains that are in your future. Who will be with you when you scale the peaks?

I have stumbled, I have fallen. I have started a climb only to slide back down. I have looked at a path and sometimes chosen one that is not quite as steep. I must remember that my God is all-knowing and all-powerful! There is nothing that He cannot do ... and if I but believe and trust in Him, there is no mountain I cannot climb.

Jesus, you are my guide over and through the mountains that are my life. With your strength and support, those peaks will not seem unachievable. I thank you for giving me the ability to climb, the wisdom to know that I cannot do it alone, and the strength to rest in you. Help me each day to see that every step forward brings me closer to life eternal in Heaven with you.

"They go up by the mountains; they go down by the valleys unto the place which thou hast founded for them." ~Psalm 104:8 KJV

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