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20 January 2009

Soothing Sounds

It's late at night, the breeze is barely there. Sitting on the sand, the waves occasionally tickle your feet as they rush to shore and retreat. Even though the bustle of the strip is just yards away, the silence is such that you can feel, and sometimes even hear, your heartbeat. (written 2 Oct 07)

Watching the endless movement of the ocean can lull you into a peaceful state of mind rather rapidly. The white foam makes a crackling sound around your toes, the warmth of the water caresses your feet. You feel the subtle shift of the sand as the water pressure flows forward then back. If you sit on the beach at night, your surroundings tend to fade until there is nothing but you, the water, and the sand.

My recent trip to the beach was a reminder of just how relaxing those sounds can be. Regardless of whether we are at the beach, at home, at work, or any of the many places in between where we spend our time, we can reach inside ourselves and find that soothing place. Maybe your soothing place is a cool mountain top where the only thing you can see is peaks, treetops, and blue sky; you may be soothed by harsh granite, standing firm and proud as it has for centuries. Whatever your place may be, think about its origin.

For the peace that can be found within, I turned to God. When I reaffirmed my faith, I once more saw Him in everything. From the delighted laughter of a child, to a squirming puppy, to majestic mountain peaks, to the endless waves of the ocean, He is there.

God, make me instrumental in showing your deliverance from worries of the world. May I use my voice to sing your praise. Let every wave whisper your love, every mountain echo your greatness. Thank you for the majesty you give us every day.

"I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears." ~Psalm 34:4 NIV

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