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31 January 2009

Standing on Faith

One of the new books I purchased this weekend was Max Lucado's Cure for the Common Life. I've not read many of his works before, and am truly enjoying his writing style and the way that he delivers his message. Being the "want an answer" type of person that I am, I did a brief search on Max Lucado, and found his website. There are many links on there to his writings, a place to sign up for weekly devotionals, and too much more to list here. If you are interested in his work, I suggest that you check it out! The reason for the info on Max Lucado? While searching his site, I delved into a few of the works listed (imagine that) and was hit by a quote. It felt as if I'd been literally struck by the power of those words! (written 18 Feb 2008)

The list of topical messages available for web viewing was as appealing to me as a walk through a candy store with an unlimited budget. The title "Tomorrow's Dream, Today's Courage" was underneath the blinking cursor of the mouse almost before I realized it, and the words were appearing on the screen as food to the starving soul. From the introduction:

When you holler for help, sometimes all you hear is your own cry echoing
down a lonely corridor. So what do you do? When your dreams are darkened by broken promises, unfulfilled expectations, or a hardened heart . . . when giving up seems like the only option left . . . what do you do?

There is a source of renewed courage. There is a wellspring of faith just waiting to be tapped.

So, drink deeply . . . it's not too late for tomorrow's dream to become today's courage.

The eighteen pages of this particular writing by Max Lucado will be revisited more than once! Read those introductory words again ... have you been there? I KNOW that I have, and know that I may be there again. In one of the weekly devotions, Lucado tells of stumbling as a new Christian. He goes on to remind us that we are not wrong because we stumble, that we are not less than a Christian, we are more like a baby learning to walk. Just as they don't learn to walk all at once, neither will we learn everything about walking with Jesus. It is a continual learning process, a lifelong learning process.

Why the title "Standing on Faith?" Because I am. I may not always be steady on my feet, but through the grace of God I am upright. It is His strength and power in me that keep me standing through the winds that blow through my life. Even though there have been times, even though there will be times ... times when I feel as if there is nothing left to break, God's gentle hand will touch me to remind me that He is unfaltering in His love and care for me. He is indeed that wellspring of faith from which His children are invited to repeatedly drink. It's not too late to find that wellspring ... just ask Him and He shall provide. The road is rocky, and fraught with perils (doesn't that just sound like a Victorian novel?), but He alone is strong enough to guide me down His path.

God, I thank you for the strength you provide me daily. I thank you for making me believe that it is not too late ... and for believing in me. I thank you for hearing my cry, and ask that you make me receptive to the cries of others so that they can see you in me. Give me the strength and knowledge to be that support.

"Listen to advice and accept instruction, and in the end you will be wise. Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails." ~Proverbs 19:20-21 NIV

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