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20 January 2009

Out of Order

Remember the time you ran from the playground to the water fountain only to find that it didn't work? How about the time you walked all the way to the back of Wal-Mart only to find the restrooms closed for cleaning? Are there times when you throw up your hands and wonder if the whole world is "out of order?" (written 2 Nov 07)

Before cell phones were an integral part of our daily lives, there were pay phones conveniently located all around town. These days, if you can find one, you're lucky if it works. When you're down to your last dollar and you need an ATM in a hurry, odds are ... you guessed it, it will be the one ATM that is "out of order."

What effect does an "out of order" sign have? Other than a minor (well, sometimes major) inconvenience, non-working ATMs, phones, restrooms or water fountains are not likely to cause any lasting damage. Turn inward for a brief moment and examine yourself. Is your spirit "out of order?"

When we say something is out of order, we refer to the fact that it is not working or performing in the way that it is supposed to. Those flashes of restlessness, dissatisfaction, or even nervousness that hit us at inopportune moments could be God's way of saying "Hey! Something is out of order here!" I have had several "out of order" moments in my life, and it seems as if the past few months have brought more than ever before. When I think back, I wonder, however, if I am just more sensitive to God's voice than I used to be.

The feelings that come over me these days are more apt to be calmed than the same feelings would have been in my past. Deciding to let Christ come into my life has given me the ability to put the mixed up parts back in working order once more - with a difference. Instead of assuming that things are going to go wrong, I am learning to give control to Him, and to trust in His power to change what needs changing. I no longer walk around with that "out of order" feeling!

God, I thank you for the grace that you generously bestow on me. I am constantly amazed at the unending, yet unconditional love and blessing that I receive. May I always strive to keep from being spiritually "out of order."

"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is - his good, pleasing and perfect will."~Romans 12:2 NIV

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