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31 January 2009

Satisfying the Hunger Pangs

While this is not specifically directed to females, it seems as if we (females) as a group are those who use that four letter word the most - D I E T. Along with most of the women I know, I fret over my weight. While I don't agonize over every morsel that goes into my mouth (maybe I should!), I am trying very hard to eat right. As a result, certain things can trigger those physical rumblings that we tend to call hunger pangs. (written 12 Feb 2008)

What about spiritual hunger pangs? Today's devotion from Turning Point addressed this issue, and it spoke to me in such a way that I wanted to share it. I won't even try to paraphrase, but the first two paragraphs say:

All of us get hungry, but not all of us know why. Most often, our body says, "I
need food" when glycogen (carbohydrate) levels in the liver and muscles decrease
and energy stores are depleted. That's "actual" hunger. "Perceived" hunger is
when digestion empties the stomach of its last filling and mild cramps (hunger
pangs) ensue as the stomach shrinks.

Everyone knows what it's like to be spiritually and emotionally hungry as well. We may be hungry for comfort or thirsty for love, hungry for forgiveness or thirsty for true love. It takes a certain level of spiritual and emotional nutrition for us to meet those hunger and thirst needs that are common to the human experience. Having those needs met outside of God's provision is like eating a doughnut for breakfast: a quick fix that will shortly disappoint.

How powerful is that? Looking outside of God and His word to fulfill our spiritual hunger is the equivalent of eating a doughnut for breakfast! How much simpler can it get? There is no "quick fix" for spiritual hunger ... that soul-replenishing nutrition can only come from God and His word. Don't shortchange yourself, fuel up by delving into His word. Keep those spiritual fires burning by stoking the flames on a regular basis with continual affirmation from Him. It is yours for the taking, and free for the asking. Don't run on fumes with your emotional and spiritual tank on "E" when He can keep you on "F". How wonderful to be "FULL" of God!

God, help me make each day a FULL day with you. Give me the words and ability to share your love. Thank you for the abundance of blessings that you have given me, and for the peace that I am learning.

"Blessed are you who hunger now, for you will be satisfied. Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh." ~Luke 6:21 NIV

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